Skeptic News: More members of Paterson chiropractic firm plead guilty to fraud

From:  North

Two more chiropractors from Paterson Rehabilitation Center pleaded guilty Thursday to their roles in setting up a fraudulent practice and cheating more than 30 insurance companies out of thousand of dollars.

Another doctor from the center pleaded guilty earlier this week, and three staff members were indicted this month on charges they were paid to refer accident victims to the center in violation of state law.

Chiropractors Marco Esposito, 50, of Haledon, and Charles Nisivoccia, 45, of Little Falls, each pleaded guilty Thursday to theft by deception. Both defendants face probationary terms, and Nisivoccia additionally faces 364 days in the Passaic County Jail when sentenced by state Superior Court Judge Greta Gooden Brown in Paterson on Jan. 11.

Nisivoccia and Esposito admitted to submitting fraudulent and misleading Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims to more than 30 automobile insurance companies between December 2010 and February 2011.

Both said they helped give a false impression to the insurance companies that Hamilton Rehabilitation Center, located at 100 Hamilton Plaza, was a legitimate chiropractic facility. In actuality, Nisivoccia’s license to practice and the license of another chiropractor who secretly co-owned the center, had been suspended at the time, making the practice illegal.

Nisivoccia and Esposito said they shared in the proceeds when the insurance companies paid the fraudulent claims and that they each personally profited at least $500 but no more than $75,000 from the fraudulent claims. The pleas resulted from a yearlong investigation by the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office Insurance Fraud Unit.

Craig Klein, 46, of Ridgewood, also pleaded guilty Wednesday before Gooden Brown in Paterson to theft by deception. He faces probation.

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