Skeptic News: Couple killed over witchcraft suspicion

From: Times of India

In a grotesque incident, neighbours in a village killed a middle-aged couple suspecting them for practicing witchcraft in Betul district on Wednesday late night hours. The victims have been identified as a 55-year-old tribal man and his 50-year-old wife residents of Ghyaraspur village, 45 km from the nearest district headquarters.

According to the police in the local Amla police station, Phule Singh Adivasi and Dasiya Bai worked as agricultural labourers. But after a recent death in the village, their neighbours suspected them as witches. On Wednesday night, the entire village had left to celebrate Dussehra and the victims Phule Singh and Dasiya Bai were alone in their hutment. Taking the opportunity of the desolate village at night, Kharku Gond and his wife Mamta forced their way into the house of Phule Singh and Dasaiya, armed with an axe and a chopper, and butchered the couple mercilessly. Police found the bodies with multiple deep and fatal wounds.

Inspector-in-charge of Amla police station Raj Kumar Dubey said that a young woman of Kharku s family died recently of an illness which the assaulters felt was incurable because of witchcraft.

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