Skeptic News: Shark lands on golf course

From: Daily Mail

It wasn’t raining cats and dogs at a California golf course on Monday – it was raining sharks.

A live leopard shark was discovered thrashing about on the grass at around 4pm at the San Juan Hills golf club in San Juan Capistrano, which is four miles from the coast.

The sea creature was spotted by a startled golf club marshall near the 12th tee box, where a group of golfers had just been playing.

‘Shark falling from the sky, kind of odd,’ said Melissa McCormack, director of club operations at San Juan Hills.

Ms McCormack believes the two-foot-long shark may have been scooped out of the ocean by a predatory bird and dropped onto the golf course.

The creature had two puncture wounds near its dorsal fin and was covered in blood when it was found.

Leopard sharks, which are light bright in colour with black spots, are a common species in ocean waters around San Juan Capistrano. Perhaps it was dropped by a predator flying over head that had bitten off more than it could chew?

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