Skeptic News: Psychics say they solved murder

From: Delmarva NOW!

When her niece Christine Sheddy went missing, Karen Hurley reached out to an unlikely source for help: a pair of sisters who said they have psychic abilities.

Hurley had a family connection who worked with the psychics on another case in Pittsburgh. She made the call six weeks after Sheddy’s disappearance in November 2007. “Right off the bat, they started telling me things that had happened,” Hurley said. “I didn’t even have to say a word — like her having a tattoo and what had happened. Christine was coming through and talking to them, guiding them. It was eerie, because of how much they did know.” Upon Hurley’s initial call, psychic Suzanne Vincent said she started getting a read from Hurley over the phone: a slender blonde girl; a struggle between two men and a woman; a sense something very bad happened. “Then I heard the name, as vividly as could be — the name, Tia, shouted from my spirit guides,” Suzanne Vincent said. “I said, ‘Tia has dark hair and she has a connection with the short male. They’re cousins, and he’s the meanest.’”

More than two years later, detectives would catch up with Tia Johnson, her boyfriend Clarence “Junior” Jackson, and her cousin Justin Hadel. Hadel and Jackson eventually were found guilty of first-degree murder in Sheddy’s brutal beating death, and Johnson went to jail on accessory charges.

Police and prosecutors are dubious of that assertion that the psychics had anything to do with the conclusion of the case.

Suzanne Vincent said her first contact with law enforcement was with Det. Alex Kagan of the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation. He didn’t blow her off, but listened. Kagan wanted to be open-minded to what the psychics had to say, but they offered nothing specific, only generalities — “she’s near water, she’s near an A-frame house” — when it came to pinpointing where Sheddy’s remains had been buried. Ultimately, according to Kagan, the sisters provided no information that directly assisted with the case. “I don’t want to make it seem as if it’s some kind of scam — they’re sincere in what they believe,” Kagan said.

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  1. Anya says:

    Mariana Amar is a so-called psychic in Australia, with a big website. Another charlatan. Don’t go near her. She charges the earth but does not have any credibility.

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