Skeptic News: Pray the crime away

From: CBC News

Winnipeg’s new police chief is advocating the use of prayer to help address the city’s crime problem.

Acting police Chief Devon Clunis says he would like Winnipeggers of all faiths to pray for a better and safer city, as he believes people often find inspiration in prayer to take action and help one another.

“I think if we have a community that’s consistently praying for one another, hopefully we’ll now see the physical reduction of crime and violence in our city,” Clunis, who is a Christian, told CBC News in an interview.

“If you’re praying for your neighbour, I don’t think you’ll be out there hating your neighbour or fighting with your neighbour,” he added.

“If you are praying for your neighbour, you’ll say, ‘OK, I’m praying, but how can I practically do something to impact my neighbour’s well-being?'”

Clunis, 48, was named as Winnipeg’s 17th chief of police earlier this month, succeeding Keith McCaskill. He will officially take over the position later this year.

A 25-year veteran of the Winnipeg Police Service, Clunis has also served as a chaplain with the force.

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