Skeptic News: Skeptic receives death threat

From: Doubtful News

Skeptical researcher and writer, Dr. Karen Stollznow, received a death threat in a card that referenced a blog post about the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo.

The post critical of Caputo and her show on TLC network appeared on the Swift Blog of the James Randi Educational Foundation.

The piece in question is mild compared to critiques of Caputo available all over the web and accuses her of nothing but what psychics and TV personalities do: act the part. The post has received about 90,000 views according to the site counter.

There is no suggestion that Caputo is at all involved in this threat. The card was not mailed to Dr. Stollznow’s home address but via an “in care of” address related to Bay Area Skeptics

Death threats are considered a serious matter and attempting to silence critics with them is nothing short of shameful.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Skeptic receives death threat

  1. Jon Donnis says:

    Tell me about it! I been getting death threats for years. The first time you get one it is a shocking and scary thing. At one point the police I am sure were getting sick of me.

    One piece of advice I had from a lawyer friend of mine years ago was as follows.

    “If someone is going to kill you, they wont tell you first”

    I took that advice and ignored threats from then on.

    Still its a horrible thing to receive and I feel for Karen. Speaking out and trying to stop bad people doing bad things means you will attract abuse like this.

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