Skeptic News: Chifubu residents riot over witchcraft claims

From: Zambia Daily Mail

HIFUBU residents in Ndola yesterday tussled with the police and burnt down a house over an alleged confession by a 78-year-old grandmother, that she had killed her granddaughter.

The police have arrested the girl’s mother for allegedly triggering the riot. The grandmother, identified as Luta Kunda,  was whisked to safety and her whereabouts are unknown.

The residents were reportedly incensed when word went round that Ms Kunda of house number C13 Chifubu had admitted killing the girl, in league with other witches, using witchcraft.

The irate residents broke windows and damaged the old woman’s house before setting it ablaze. The fire brigade arrived late at the scene when the house was completely gutted.

“The woman was confronted by her daughter who demanded to know if she was responsible for the death. The old woman confessed and in no time, her house was on fire after residents broke windows and damaged the house,” one of the residents Gladys Banda said. By 16:00 hours, police were still firing teargas to disperse the crowd which jostled to have a glimpse of the old woman. A check by the Daily Mail in Chifubu yesterday found police officers keeping vigil.

Commissioner of police Mary Tembo said police officers managed to calm the situation and there were no fatalities.

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