Skeptic News: Couple Murdered for superstition

Fromma: Times of India

A middle-aged couple was murdered by in Randah village in Babhani police area in Sonebhadra district on Thursday night. The style of killing hinted that the couple was killed for superstitious reasons.

Devroop (55) of Randah village located on the border of Chhattisgarh and his wife Mankunwar (50) dwelt in a house while the families of his son and brothers reside at some distance. After midnight, assailants raided the house of Devroop and attacked and his wife with axe.

The incident came to light when the couple did not come out of their house till late in the morning on Friday. When Devroop’s brother went inside the house, he found their bodies lying in a pool of blood. Circle officer Lallan Yadav and SO Babhani Yogesh Yadav reached the spot.

The police suspected that they were killed due to superstition. Police were trying to nab the killers after sending the body for postmortem examination.

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