Skeptic News: Anti-Scientology protest planned

From: This Is Sussex

Protestors from across the country will descend upon East Grinstead tomorrow (Friday) to demonstrate against Scientology.

The demonstration, which has been described on one internet forum as a “mega raid”, has been planned by the group Ex-Scientologists UK and coincides with the International Association of Scientologists’ anniversary weekend at its UK base at Saint Hill Manor.

Up to 8,000 Scientologists are expected to attend the annual Saint Hill gala, which will highlight the organisation’s humanitarian work over the last year – but, as guests arrive, protestors hope to spread their anti-Scientology message.

Former Scientologist Martin Padfield was based at the Saint Hill headquarters from 1989 to 1993 and plans to attend the protest to add his voice to opposition anger.

“When I started researching the situation within the church with the blinkers off, and after reading other people’s stories, I decided to leave once and for all.

“I am not one for standing around on the sidelines,” he said.

A media frenzy surrounded the church earlier this year following the divorce of high-profile member Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes, which led to a string of ex-members speaking out in the national media, criticising Scientology.

The demonstration is set to start in East Grinstead High Street at noon tomorrow, with protestors walking to Saint Hill for 3pm.

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