Skeptic News: Steve Jobs 'speaks' from beyond the grave


In honour of Steve Jobs Day, news site Motherboard asked a psychic to get in touch with the ghost of the Apple luminary. So while most everyone else forgot that California had an annual day of remembrance for the technology iconoclast, deputy editor Sean Yeaton was headed to The Twilight Zone.

Yeaton got a hold of New York psychic Betsy Cohen to perform the ghostly séance. Unfortunately for the living, Cohen was unable to gleam any Steve Jobs-style wisdom about the current state of affairs in the technology world.
Cohen did, however, get a chance to chat with ghost Jobs about what he’s doing in the afterlife. The psychic said that ghost Jobs told her he was learning to be less competitive and harsh in the afterlife.

To quote Cohen, “[Jobs] is learning survival of the fittest is a made-up thing.” In other words, kind of like psychics or a successful Zune product.
While a happy Steve Jobs ghost sounds wonderful, we’d probably say the same thing if we were pretending to communicate with famous dead people.

As PR stunts go this is certainly one of the more interesting we have seen.

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