Skeptic News: Scientist Proposes Compromise ‘Semi-Intelligent Design’ Hypothesis

From: News Makeup

BELFAST, Maine — Dr. Aaron Hopkins claims to have resolved the dispute between proponents of creationism and scientific evolution by advancing his “theory of semi-intelligent design.” According to Hopkins, highly evolved intelligent life is the result of a powerful creator who did his very best despite not being all that smart.

For over a century, religious advocates have argued that Darwin’s concept of natural selection fails to explain the complexity of life. Scientists have responded by pointing to human selfishness, the presence of genetic disorders, and other biological inadequacies as evidence against creationism. Hopkins argues that these flaws are simply “God’s do-overs” and cites the existence of “animals that are poorly designed, like an emu” as evidence of “somewhat intelligent” design.

It is not yet clear what the effect of this new theory will be, but some are optimistic it will resolve educational debates once and for all. Rather than negotiating over the teaching of evolutionary theory and creationism in science curriculum, Hopkins suggests schools could switch over to a course discussing both the virtues and flaws of divine creation, debating just how smart God really is.

Some are skeptical of the new theory, however, citing a lack of empirical evidence and academic scrutiny. When asked how his prior research and education led to the theory’s formulation, Hopkins clarified that “my doctorate is actually in cultural anthropology.”

Hopkins hypothesis comes at the same time some creationists have determined the Earth may be older than they thought.

Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., called evolution “lies from the pit of hell” in a speech last month and argued that the Earth is 9,000 years old. It’s not clear how Rep. Broun settled on 9,000 years.

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