Skeptic News: Does HPV Vaccination Lead To An Increase In Sex? No

From: Medical news today

One of the concerns regarding vaccinating adolescent girls against HPV infection was whether they might become more sexually active. A study carried out by researchers from Cancer Research UK, University College London, and reported in the journal Vaccine found that vaccinating teenage girls against HPV infection does not lead to greater sexual activity.

The HPV vaccine protect females from developing cervical cancer; and anal cancer as well,.

The concern for parents was that the HPV (Human papillomavirus) vaccination might give girls a perceived “green light”, telling them that now they have had the shot, the risk of becoming infected and subsequently developing cervical cancer has gone, so they need not be so careful about having sex.

Alice S. Forstera, Laura A.V. Marlowa, Judith Stephensonb, Jane Wardlea, and Jo Wallera set out to determine whether the HPV vaccine had any impact on the sexual behavior of adolescent girls.

They gathered and examined data on a cross-section of more than 1,052 British girls, with an average age of 17.1 years. 433 of them had been offered the HPV vaccine, while the other 620 had not (yet).

They found that the sexual behavior of the vaccinated girls was no different from that of the unvaccinated ones.

Of the 433 who had been offered the vaccine, 148 had taken it – none of them were less likely to use a condom after being vaccinated. Their total number of sexual partners was no different compared to the data found in the unvaccinated group.

The researchers say their evidence appears to show that vaccinating girls against HPV does not change their sexual behavior.

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