Skeptic News: 2 Skeptics sued

From: Skeptical Software tools

Seems to be one of those days for news of legal action affecting skeptic bloggers. First, a South African company named Solal is suing blogger Kevin Charleston for R350,000 ($40,000 US) over an article in which he reveals that “Health Intelligence Magazine” is a thinly disguised piece of marketing material for the company. And that’s not the only lawsuit today, read on…

In another legal action breaking today Zenyth Pharmaceuticals, makers of a quack colon cleansing product called ColonHelp, have threatened a Romanian blogger who criticized it. They are suing WordPress where his blog (and this blog) are hosted for €100,000 ($129,000 US). This is always something to think about when setting up a skeptic website – will your hosting company back you up on free speech issues?

If you are in the UK and you’d like to help the libel reform campaign could use some cash for lobbying as the bill is at a key stage now. Please consider donating.

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