Skeptic News: Is this a spaceship?

From: Halifax Courier

This unidentified flying object was captured on camera in Halifax.

The strange sight was seen near North Halifax Grammar School just before 9am on Saturday.

Joanne Holdsworth, who took the photo, is hoping someone can explain what it was.

She was waiting in her car to take her son for his entrance exam at the school when they spotted two silver spots in the sky.

“We were watching them for a while and my son said they looked like two planes.

“I was couldn’t really see because it was so bright when I took the photo and I didn’t realise it was so close. I only looked at the photo this morning.

“I’d like to hear any explanation of what it was.”

Best guess: looks a lot like a blob of water on the windscreen of a car. Though that assumes either revisionism on the part of the photographer or minor deception on their part.

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