Skeptic News: 'Cincinnati Lights' UFO Mystery Solved; It's Skydivers, Not UFOs

From: HuffPo

For a few days, Ohio’s UFO community was fascinated by a mysterious phenomenon colloquially as “the Cincinnati Lights” — a group of bizarre bulbs shining in the skies over the city on Sept. 28.

Interest was especially high because the sighting was familiar to the 1997 “Phoenix Lights” and the 2010 “El Paso Lights,” but it turns out that the source of the illumination wasn’t extraterrestrial at all, according to NBC News.

The man who posted the original “Cincinnati Lights” video on YouTube, who calls himself “Galuyasdi” said that what some people thought were UFOs were actually skydivers doing a pyrotechnics jump at the La Salle High School homecoming.

The unidentified flying objects have now been identified. Perhaps one of the few times Chinese Lanterns are not to blame.

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