Skeptic News: Grandson assaults Grandmother over witchcraft accusations

From: Swazi Observer

A man from Makhewu area has been hauled to court for assaulting his own grandmother on allegations of witchcraft.
Mpendulo Mbonambi (30) assaulted Hlengiwe Mhlarah with a stick and fists, accusing her of having killed his father with her witchcraft practices. Mhlarah, who could not even talk properly due to old age, narrated her rather unfortunate ordeal before Swazi national court president Johannes Khumalo. She said bonambi last Saturday night allegedly came home late from a drinking spree and started questioning her about the death of his father, who had died some years ago.
Mbonambi further accused his grandmother for being responsible of a rare sickness which he claimed had attacked his wife.  According to Mhlarah, Mbonambi broke into her house and demanded answers on the death of his father and the sickness which had attacked his wife earlier on that day.

He started pushing her around and punched her on her chest.  He proceeded and grabbed her walking stick and used it to hit her.  “My own grandson whom I have raised for so many years, labeled me a witch”, she said.  She continued that she was rescued from the assault by the arrival of a neighbor who responded to her appeals for assistance.  The man later called the police who arrived promptly.

When passing the sentence, the court president noted that Mbonambi had already appeared in court for assault related cases on many previous occasions.  On the same day, he had appeared in the same court for slapping Sifiso Mdlovu with a bush-knife on the face.

For the assault of his grandmother, he was sentenced to twelve months in jail with an option of E600 fine.

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