Skeptic News: ‘Black magic’ man rapes church member he said needed ‘a blessing

From: K-Houston

A man who claims to practice “Black Magic” is accused of raping a 17-year-old Tomball girl he lured to his home by telling her she needed to be blessed, according to Tomball police.

Mario Munoz-Verudes, 60, is charged with sexual assault.

The victim said Munoz-Verudes, a family friend and church member, came to her home on September 23 and told her she “looked sick and needed a blessing.” The teen said because of her religious beliefs, she believed him.

Munoz-Verudes took her to his home, then led her into his bedroom. The teen told investigators there were two mattresses on the floor and a cooking pot in the room.

Munoz-Verudes first lit some incense in the pot, then attacked the teen, according to court documents.

She told investigators that he placed his right hand over her mouth to muffle her screams and pushed her down on the mattress. He then ripped off her clothes and sexually assaulted her, she said.

The teen said she tried to fight him off, but couldn’t because he was too strong.

After the assault, Munoz-Verudes told her to get dressed and leave, but warned her if she told anyone about what happened, he would put a curse on her.

The teen disregarded that. She ran home and told her sister, then her parents.

The victim was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Woodlands and given a rape kit examination.

The teen told investigators while she did consent to go to the suspect’s home, the rape was not part of the blessing she expected to receive.

Investigators went to Munoz-Verudes’ home and found the items in the room the teen described. Investigators also learned the suspect was in this country illegally.

He was arrested and his bond was set at $60,000.

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