Skeptic News: Woman conned out of RM1.6mil by ‘clairvoyant’ wins case

From: The Star Online

A WOMAN who lost more than S$650,000 (RM1.6mil) after being persuaded to part with it by a Thai fortune teller has won her case before the Court of Appeal.

Estate agent Sarah Tee was told by the clairvoyant that her husband was having an affair, and she should hide her funds from him in case they divorced.

Acting on the fortune teller’s advice, she gave S$608,700 (RM1.5mil) to renovation contractor Andy Pang, who promised to invest it for her in China.

She never saw the money again. Worse still, she later had to give Mr Pang another S$50,000 (RM125,000) after he blackmailed her, threatening to tell her husband that they were having an affair.

Tee, who was in her early 50s, took legal action to get the funds back. But she lost her case before the High Court in April after the contractor successfully argued that they were lovers and she had given him the payments as gifts.

On Wednesday, however, the Court of Appeal overturned this decision. It found that Pang, 41, was not credible and ordered him to return the money.

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