Skeptic News: Pixelated panther alert!

From: Lancashire Evening Post

Big cat hunters are on full alert after a man snapped a suspicious looking beast on a Lancashire railway line.

Dave Stanhope was out walking his dog on Saturday when he spotted a large black animal on the tracks below. He says the creature was hunting and failed to notice him as he watched from a railway bridge above.

It is the latest in a series of sightings of big cats in the Lancashire countryside over the past few years – with around 30 reported to police.

Dave said: “When I first saw it, I thought it was a black 
Labrador that’s what attracted my attention because I have got one of those and because it was on the railway track.

“But when I looked closer I could see it was a cat. It was perfectly still, staring into the embankment, obviously hunting for something.

“When you look at the 
photographs you can see how big it is compared to the 
railway sleepers next to it.”

He said there had been a lot of talk locally about a big cat in the area. “It’s pub lore round here. People say they have seen either a panther or a puma.

“The last sighting was up near Tawd Vale Scout Camp on the way to Parbold.

“It was not moving, so I made a noise and it looked round up at the bridge. It did not seem startled, just wary. Eventually it moved off along the line which heads 
towards Preston.”

Cheryl Hudson, from Preston of the Big Cats in Britain organisation, said there have been many sightings in Lancashire and she has put in a freedom of information request to find out how many were reported to police.

It’s hard to tell from the extremely pixelated image provided whether a big cat, a normal cat, or some other animal has been spotted. What do you think?

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Pixelated panther alert!

  1. Leper says:

    Counting the pixels gives the length of cat as roughly half the distance between the rails. Assuming the railway is standard gauge (56.5in), then the cat is approximately 28 inches long, which doesn’t seem unreasonable for a domestic housecat.

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