Skeptic News: eXorcism factor

20120926-074112.jpgFrom: The Mirror

Simon Cowell has invited a psychic “house healer” to banish the negative energy from his mansion.

The X Factor mogul, who has been hit by sliding viewing ratings here and in the US, revealed the bizarre visit to his Los Angeles home to his four million followers on Twitter.

Simon, 52, posted: “Hello. I had someone heal my house. Strange but great.

“The healer brings in good energy. Someone told me about it. It takes a couple of days.”

Fans questioned his decision to spend money on the healer while others suggested it was a “fad”.

One wrote: “Getting someone to heal your house? You are turning into a right LA crystal-gazing dipstick. Sort ­yourself man, you’re British.”

Believers claim banishing negative energy can protect a home’s inhabitants from depression, insomnia, allergies, lethargy and even serious physical illnesses such as cancer.

It can cost up to £140 to have your house cleansed. More if your demons are particularly recalcitrant.

If the negative energy has been attracted by Simons comments as a judge on talent show TV than he may find himself sorely out of pocket!

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