Skeptic News: Four detained on sorcery charges in Saudi

From: Saudi Gazette

Four people of Asian origin, including two women, have been arrested for practicing witchcraft and sorcery and defrauding people, Brig. Misfer Al-Juaid, spokesman for Jeddah police, said Friday.

A 33-year-old Indonesian woman was caught at King Abdulaziz International Airport with talismans, pieces of paper with inscriptions and other foul-smelling materials in her possession.

In another incident, airport police detained an Indian national trying to enter the country carrying material for witchcraft and talismans, which he claimed were medicines.

On questioning, he confessed that he meant to use them on his sponsor’s family. The airport security authorities also detained a Pakistani who allegedly committed acts of witchcraft and was carrying talismans.

Meanwhile, Jeddah police raided a house in Al-Rawabi district after receiving information that an Indonesian woman was practicing witchcraft there. The woman allegedly specialized in seducing girls for people who pay her for the job.

Officers from Al-Jami’ah police station set up a sting operation, encircled the woman’s house and caught her red-handed, Al-Juaid said.

Those commenting on the story has been shocked and called for harsh punishments for those committing acts of witchcraft. Though perhaps they should focus more on the fraud aspect rather than the sorcery…

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