Skeptic News: Aussie X-files released

From: Herald Sun

IS there anyone out there? The government certainly thinks so after it released a batch of UFO files from sightings in Aussie airspace.

Burn marks on golf courses, “silvery” airborne objects and white moving lights are among the more unusual sightings reported to The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which examines near misses or unidentified objects that could interfere with transport safety.

The most recent log with the ATSB was of a “bright orange light” seen shortly after midnight in Mackay on January 25 last year. “Reported seeing a bright orange light with a dark centre appearing from the horizon, turning 90 degrees and took off into the distance at high velocity with no sound,” the report said.

“The object was captured on iPhone. I referred him to the UFO hotline.”

Among the more notable sightings was an incident on November 8, 1998, when a pilot flying out of Perth reported seeing “an unidentified flying object” in “bright red/orange” about 30m below his aircraft. The pilot described the object as about 2m wide and “travelling very fast”.

Australia is the latest in a long line of countries, including Britain and France, to release the details of UFO sightings. Releases in recent years have been gratefully received by those who want to know if the truth is out there.

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