Skeptic News: Russian healer reveals his secrets

From: Russia Beyond the headlines

Sergey Nechayev, a Russian healer, spoke to RBTH about his successful practise and answered the question why healers are very secretive people.

His grandfather, a Don Cossack who was descendant from an ancient family of healers, lived to be 116. Once, he took a piece of coal from the fire and placed it in his grandson’s hand. The boy frowned, and endured the pain – his father was outraged. His grandfather told the boy’s father: “Leave us alone. He’ll grow up to be my heir.”

Sergey Nechayev does not advertise. Rumors have been doing all the work. “I work with the people whom the doctors have been unable to help. I have no other patients,” he said.One wall of the room in which he works with his patients is covered with Asian weapons. Swords, axes and whips are placed alongside bright aggressive masks. Another wall features acupuncture charts with full-length pictures of people and a variety of certificates. One of them reads: “Master of traditional medicine Sergey Nechayev.” Massage, acupuncture, herbs and ointments are his main ‘tools’. When he extends spines or sets bones, he makes people cry – even people who seem to be able to make anyone cry.

But no one has any doubts that it is better to suffer here than undergo surgery.

There is a have a very cautious attitude towards healers in Russia, and people readily accuse them of charlatanry. “This is why healers are, as a rule, very secretive people, and it is not easy to win their trust,” Sergey said.

The 21st Floor wonders if it is less “accussations of charlatanry” and more actual out and out charlatanry that makes healers secretive.

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