Skeptic News: Quack practitioners in health sector a threat to lives

From: NewVision

QUACKERY is eating up Uganda. We seem to be in an era of gangster capitalism.

An era in which ways of life are desperate and as the English say, desperate circumstances are beginning to call for desperate measures.

We have moved away from the old and mundane stealing methods to methods that require more of subtle thinking, manipulation, trickery, blackmail and holding out.

It is very sad that all the above have found their way into the health services sector. There are so many people holding out as medics of various specialities.

This is why we have a duty to have self-conscious diligence so that we do not parade our lives before a certain quack of a medic.

Most of these cheats are people who have some certificates in health related courses. Some of them finish advanced level having done science combinations and decide to do a very dangerous short cut to the medical profession.

Others are people who should have enrolled for health related courses at university or who actually enroll but decide to cut their study courses short.

They manage to keep in university environment and pick medical jargon with which they not only razzle-dazzle the lay people but also build confidence and earn reverence as professional doctors.

Hospitals replete with such criminals. They are not easy to identify because they are smart at their game; they dress in white long coats, carry fake identity cards and they sneak into wards in the wee hours of the morning when they are least expected.

They also target patients from up country because they are gullible and helpless most of the times.

This category of criminals is more dangerous than the category of car thieves because they target life directly and death looms large as we continue to handle them with soft gloves.

These criminals are ‘cousins’ of those who steal children. Mulago has intensified effort to get rid of these monsters.

Additionally, the courts should always charge these impostors expeditiously and mete out the extreme punishment as a deterrent to those who may want to succumb to the temptation of joining the ugly trade.

Uganda is well known for it’s traditional healers but it seems some are none too pleased about this state of affairs.

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