Skeptic News: Durban Faith healer warning

From: East Coast Radio

If you’re approached by people claiming to be healers, think carefully before you part with any money.

A listener, of East Coast Radio in Durban, has written to us about how a man came into her office and claimed to have important news for her. He said he was from India and then went on to give her details of her life and events that had happened. She says he was very convincing. Then came the money part. He asked for a few hundred rand to rid her of some ills. This went on for quite a while and each time the amounts just got higher, by several thousand rand. The man would ask to meet the listener in various parts of the Durban city-centre where he’d leave her with men who he claimed were healers who’d assist her. They in turn would ask for more cash.

Such cons are unfortunately not rare.

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