Skeptic News: Baba Ramdev alleges conspiracy

20120910-113318.jpgFrom: Times of India

NEW DELHI:Yoga guru Ramdev today alleged that a senior Congress leader was hatching conspiracy to link him to the death of a Bharat Swabhiman Manch activist and disappearance of his Guru Shankar Dev.

Addressing a press conference here, Ramdev said efforts are being made to point fingers at him for death of Rajiv Dixit though he died due a cardiac problem.

“There has been conspiracy to blame me for his death. I never thought people can go to this extent to blame me. I challenge him to confront me,” he said without naming the Congress leader.

Dixit had died in November 2010 in Chattisgarh. “Rajiv had died of a heart attack. Everybody knows it. But efforts are on to blame me for the death. I have come here to tell you the truth,” Ramdev said.

He alleged that the leader was also trying to link him for disappearance of Shankar Dev.

“How can one think of it. Can a pupil do such a henious crime. In fact people have been given money to defame me for this also,” Ramdev said.

Ramdev refused to name those conspiring against him.

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