Skeptic News: Healer convicted of molesting boys

20120908-120459.jpgFrom: Winnipeg Sun

Winnipeg teacher Thomas Edwards was held up as a role model for aboriginals across the country.

On Wednesday he became a convicted sex offender.

In front of a crowded court room, Justice Colleen Suche convicted Edwards of three counts of sexual assault involving two teenage boys.

Court heard Edwards assaulted the boys — who described Edwards as a friend and mentor — while pretending to perform “healing” or “cleansing” ceremonies on them.

The offences came to police attention in 2007 after a friend of one of the victims reported the incidents to a Child and Family Services worker.

Edwards abused his position in the most shocking way: To abuse those in his care. Time and again alternative medicine and faith healing provide the appearance of respectability and provoke trust from the faithful and time and again there are unscrupulous and immoral individuals who abuse this trust for their own gain.

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  1. Me says:

    I knew Thomas Edwards and he was NEVER a healer. So don’t assume he was a healer then say he abused his position as a healer to sexually assault, because he was never a healer, period, he was and is a MONSTER.

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