Skeptic News: Psychics to heal with didgeridoos


An Australia-based psychic will use a didgeridoo to help Aucklanders clear “blocked energy” during a meditation workshop later this month.

Dr Michael, who was born in America, is a “vibrational healer with the didgeridoo” and a reiki master who “gives energy healing with past life and spirit healing messages”.

The psychic is due to appear in Auckland later this month as part of a double act known as K and Dr Michael. The duo, who have been working together for five years, are bringing their didgeridoo workshop to Takapuna at the request of locals.

K was “blessed with psychic abilities since childhood” and is said to be “one of Australia’s most sought after clairvoyants”.

She is also the author of Dating the Messenger – a book about “providing hope for those in search of true love and emphasises the importance of self-discovery, embracing one’s differences and realising one’s potential”.

Australian skeptics with an “interest” in the workshop can attend at the Fairway Lodge in Takapuna on September 18.

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