Skeptic News: Fad diet blamed for Eddie Van Halens Medical problems

From: Ultimate Classic Rock

Eddie Van Halen believes alternative medicine cured his cancer — but if a new report is accurate, it also basically blew up his intestines.

According to the National Enquirer, the Van Halen guitarist’s recently reported emergency surgery was complicated because of some painful-sounding (and rather frightening) side effects he suffered after embarking on the Master Cleanse diet.

As Radar reports, the program “temporarily replaces food with a liquid consisting of water, fresh lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper” — a concoction that apparently didn’t sit well with Eddie’s gullet. According to the Enquirer’s sources, Eddie’s “abdominal region was a disaster area” and the diet “touched off an explosion in his intestines.”

The Enquirer went on to quote a doctor (who, we hasten to add, did not treat Van Halen) as saying, “The stress of fad diets increases pressure on the colon, and if the person has diverticulitis there may be leakage from the bowel into the abdomen.”

As previously reported, Van Halen spent three weeks in the hospital following his surgery for diverticulitis, and he’s expected to take up to six months to fully recover. Here’s hoping he watches his diet while he recuperates.

Master Cleanse is a modified juice fast that permits no food, substituting tea and lemonade made with maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Proponents claim that the diet detoxifies the body and removes excess fat.

There is no scientific evidence that the diet removes any toxins, or that it achieves anything beyond temporary weight loss.

Though unlikely to be harmful over the short term it can be harmful over the long term. Short term side effects include fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and dehydration, while long term harm includes loss of muscle mass. Nutritionist Jane Clark points to a lack of essential nutrients in this program, citing a deficiency of protein, vitamins, and minerals. As a result of these deficiencies, including far fewer calories than the recommended amount for health and optimum functioning, individuals on the diet may experience headaches and a variety of other symptoms in the short term.

The Van Halen fans here at the 21st Floor wish guitar legend Eddie a speedy recovery and advise him not to try any potentially harmful fad diets or alternative medicine during his recuperation.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Fad diet blamed for Eddie Van Halens Medical problems

  1. Mavin J says:

    There’s something wonderful about an article labeled “Skeptic News” that uses the National Enquirer as its source of information.

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