Skeptic News: Merseyside Skeptics debunk power bracelets

20120904-080435.jpgFrom: Merseyside Skeptics

Sports wristband claims ‘nonsensical techno-babble’ says consumer rights group
Sports performance technology manufacturers Shuzi Qi came under fire today after product tests revealed their performance-enhancing wristband to be ineffective.

The £60 wristband, sported by Dancing on Ice star Jennifer Ellison on the BBC 1 show earlier in the year 1 6, is claimed to contain a proprietary chip programmed to “resonate with blood cells’ natural frequencies”, causing blood cells to “separate and un-clump” 2 – claims which have been dismissed as meaningless techno-babble by the Merseyside Skeptics Society 3.

In a video released today, the group enlisted a semi-professional rugby player to pit the ‘real’ Shuzi band against an identical, deactivated band. Despite marketing claims that the product aids a player’s performance, the demonstration showed that when a player is unsure which band he’s wearing, the £60 product makes no discernible difference.

Merseyside Skeptics, originators of the 1023 campaign, have again proved they are one of the most active groups in terms of skeptical activism in the UK.

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