Skeptic News: Jedward Power Bracelets


UPDATE: The price of the bands was previously erroneously reported as £37.40 this has now been corrected.
It is also worth noting that Jedward offer this disclaimer on their website.

Despite this the company who manufacturers the bands still promotes unproven claims and these claims are reproduced in a .pdf available from the Jedward site.

The infamous Irish pop duo, Jedward, are branching out and selling JedPower Bracelets from their online store.

Available for the small sum of 11 euros the bracelets come in an array of colours (one for each day and a multicoloured “everyday” bracelet).

On jedwards Just a Sec website no claims of any benefits to wearing the bands are made on the page they are for sale. However the site also hosts a document from “negative ions performance technology” which makes all manner of health claims related to wearing the Jedpower bracelets.

Among these are at the bands can help improve asthma, depression, stress and stimulate the bodies “natural healing process”. No evidence for this is presented in the document.

The bands themselves are somewhat notorious in Skeptical circles and have been roundly debunked.

These claims were the topic of a 2003 injunction by the American Federal Trade Commission and later a high-profile court ruling in 2006. A major factor in these rulings was a November 2002 study by Mayo Clinic that demonstrated no significant effect by the Q-Ray bracelet on muscle pain relative to the placebo effect.

The court was unable to find any basis for QT Inc.’s claims related to traditional Chinese medicine, concluding that it was “part of a scheme devised by [QT Inc.] to defraud [its] consumers”.

These bracelets are supposed to “work” in the same way as those studied by the Mayo clinic. Using a secret ionisation process rather than being ionised themselves.

While it may seem appropriate, on some levels, to see Jedward promoting and selling what is essentially just plastic tat. It is disheartening to think by doing so they are helping to fund quackery.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Jedward Power Bracelets

  1. Juliet Barrable says:

    I own several of these bands, and I love them, they actually cost Ten Euros each (very cheap) £37.40 is the recommended retail price, not the price they are selling them for…and it clearly states on the site they make no claims to improve health.
    They also have a very handy feature on them, “call A on my phone for a friend” which makes them very useful for people with long standing medical problems like me..

    The bands are pretty and fun a way for fans to recognise each other. Nobody is forced to buy one, those of us who do, do so because we want to

  2. Lisa Hafey says:

    The website was updated several weeks ago and no longer contains any information suggesting that they are in any way beneficial to health. Jedward or any companies associated with them do not support such false claims.

  3. Robyn says:

    There doesn’t seem to be any chatter in the Jedward fandom that suggests fans actually believe the bands have any special powers (other than general Jepicness), and Jedward haven’t directly made any claims. Fans are just buying them for the same reason they’d buy a t-shirt or poster – as a way of feeling closer to their pop idols. And like Juliet noted, the bands only retail for 11 euros, including postage.

  4. Debbie Egerton says:

    This article contains at least two factual errors. This makes me “skeptical” about the accuracy of everything on your website!

  5. Rose Swift says:

    Seems a lot of facutal errors on this article, makes me suspicious that you just want to have pop at Jedward and are finding any means to do so. The bands are just a fun thing, like any other Pop merchandise, they sell for a reasonable price and make no medical claims what so ever.

    I seems to me, you don’t bother to do any research before you start throwing accusations around.

  6. DavidJ says:

    “facutal errors ”


  7. Skepticat_UK says:

    As Rose Swift says,

    “Seems a lot of facutal errors on this article, makes me suspicious that you just want to have pop at Jedward and are finding any means to do so.”

    Ha!You’ve been rumbled, guys. Come on, out with it, what has Jedward done to upset you? (Well, apart from selling plastic tat and helping to fund quackery, of course.)

    Jedward are awesome especially when they’re not singing. Leave them alone. I mean it.

  8. The price was originally quoted in error. The pitfalls of mobile browsing I’m afraid. The RRP being a lot easier to read than the price at which the bands are being offered.

    Now while Jedward and Jedward fans may be under no illusions as to the bands powers or health benefits(the website still does make a number of odd claims about the nature of negative and positive ions) by selling the bands they are directly supporting the manufacturer who has no such qualms about making such claims.

    I am intrigued that the website was recently updated. Perhaps this is why the PDF with the health claims still exists? An oversight perhaps? However it is still there.

    If Jedward made these claims at any point it is a concern.

  9. Dominika Vegan London says:

    JOHN and EDWARD aka JEDWARD have never claimed it helps in any medical way. those bracelets are VERY coool though, every coool person should get them!!

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