Please help save Siccar Point!

Geologists and scientists in Scotland and further afield: We are calling on you to help save a site of significant scientific interest from development. It’s one of the most geologically important sites in the world and someone wants to damage it beyond repair for the sake of some dirty water – and making more profit.
Siccar Point is famous in the history of geology as a result of a boat trip in 1788 in which James Hutton, with James Hall and John Playfair, observed the angular unconformity which Hutton regarded as conclusive proof of his uniformitarian theory of geological development.

Drysdales is a company that prepare and package a number of different varieties of vegetables for delivery to supermarkets. They process the newly harvested vegetables, clean them by washing all the earth from them, trim them, and then pre-package them for supermarket shelves.

The earth that is washed off these vegetables and their trimmings create a lot of waste, and this waste has to go somewhere. Their plan is to dig a trench across a scientifically sensitive and important area, fill it with concrete, and dump their untreated agricultural waste straight into the sea

 The pipe (see attached image) will run directly down an unstable slope (soil over Old red Sandstone) and then over the vertical greywacke on which it lies unconformably, immediately (about 100 m) south of the point, crossing a vista that was a major part of my appreciation and understanding when I visited the site this July. Intolerable. While geologists have a particular interest here, I believe that all those who value science and the beauty of Nature will want to resist this irreversible act of vandaism. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION
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