Skeptic News: Dr Oz coming to UK

From: Daily Mail

Dr Oz is the most watched doctor on American television. His shows are utterly compulsive. He draws you in by telling you simple but powerful truths – how to lose weight, how to live longer, how to look younger, how to have a better sex life.

Now his show, an Emmy-winning success in the US, is coming to Britain. How is he going to tailor it to us? ‘The UK is unique in many ways. It’s at the same time extraordinary and ordinary,’ he says when we meet in his Manhattan office.

‘All human beings have basic creature comfort issues. Things we’re all concerned about, like how do we lose weight. It’s how you interpret the information that’s important and the UK is appropriately sceptical.

‘I find British people insightful and demanding and they need smart content. I feel that if you can pass muster with the British audience it automatically attracts

interest from the rest of Europe.’

Skeptics may welcome the opportunity to question Dr Oz on science and medicine and why he recommends turmeric, cinnamon and ginger to speed the metabolism, sweet potatoes to lose weight and other similar claims. It is unclear as to whether his reiki healing wife will make an appearance on the show.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Dr Oz coming to UK

  1. Acleron says:

    Utterly compelling?

    With an expression like that, more utterly fascinating, much like a biologist and a particularly venomous animal.

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