Skeptic News: Man kills brother in law for witchcraft

From: The Himalayan Times

It has been revealed that a person killed his brother in law at Mahadeva of Morang on the charge of witchcraft.

Amarlal Koiri, 45, of Mahadeva -5 killed Ovilal Koiri, 50, of the same place on Saun 14, 2069 Bs. The body of Ovilal, who was missing from village suddenly, was found buried in a sack on Saun 23, 2069 BS. Ovilal was working as a faith healer while he worked as a minor onion trader.

Police arrested Amarlal and filed case of murder, said Area Police Office, Bijuwa, Inspector Gopal Dhamala. The five involved in the murder, Fagunanda Tajpuriya, Mangal Bahadur Tajpuriya and Tintal Tajpuriya of Mahadeva -5 have been at large.

He had past enmity with the brother-in-law and had threatened to kill him in public. Villagers suspected him after Ovilal was missing in a few days of the threat.

Ovilal was missing after a youth of Kisangunj, India came to Amarlal’s home and the villagers had informed the police after he was not found during search.

It is unclear if the man truly believed that his brother in law was practising witchcraft or if this is simply a flimsy attempt at a defence.

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