Skeptic News: Dumped for ‘witchcraft’

From: Indian Express

The civil court at Dediapada in Narmada district will hear on Tuesday the maintenance plea filed by a 45-year-old tribal woman who, along with her three minor children, was thrown out by her husband’s family on charges that she practised witchcraft and caused the death of her husband’s nephew.

The petitioner, Makti Vasava, had been married to Dharmabhai Moragia for 25 years before she was forced to flee their home last year after being allegedly assaulted by her brothers-in-law Naginbhai Moragia and Damabhai Moragia and their respective sons Dilip and Mansingh.

On December 4 last year, Makti had filed a police complaint alleging she was beaten up repeatedly. The police enquired but apparently did not make arrests after community elders intervened and calmed tempers. The maintenance plea was filed three-four weeks ago, after which the court issued notices to all parties.

Tribal rights activist Trupti Mehta, who is assisting Makti with her legal battle, said the tribal woman’s future appeared precarious financially.

Makti’s lawyer Ghulam Sodawala said his client had filed for a monthly maintenance of Rs 2,000 for herself and Rs 5,000 for each of her three minor children.

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