Skeptic News: Dubai witch trial

20120827-053944.jpgFrom: Emirates 24/7

The General Department of the Criminal Investigation of Dubai Police has arrested three women of different nationalities on charges of swindling and fraud.

What makes these arrests unique is that all the women claimed to use witchcraft and sorcery to defraud victims of cash.

Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director General Department of Criminal Investigation of Dubai Police, said in one of the cases, the accused began to terrorise a saleswoman who she befriended by claiming the use of magic.

The victim was so afraid that she gave in to blackmail and handed over a total of Dh200,000 to the accused.

She finally had the courage to make a police complaint.

In the second case, the victim was suffering from a mental disorder and the accused claimed to have the power to heal her.

She paid Dh100,000 and when she discovered her condition did not improve, she informed the police.

The third accused also involved a woman who claimed special powers to treat sicknesses.

When one of the victims paid Dh20,000 to heal a migraine problem, but was not healed, she went to the police./blockquote>

All the women have been arrested by the police and are under investigation.

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