Skeptic News: Will Psychics Succeed Where Police Fail?

From: Gather

Kortne Stouffer vanished approximately a month ago and it seems that the leads are drying up as far as the public is aware of. That is, of course, if you don’t count the leads coming in from self-proclaimed psychics. Like any high-profile case, psychic mediums tend to flock to the police and family members of the missing to either genuinely lend a hand or seek their own fame and notoriety. It’s not common, however, for police agencies to even acknowledge them.

While the police in this case are acknowledging that psychic calls are coming in, the only person seemingly entertaining them is Scott Stouffer, the missing woman’s father. He claims that some of the readings he got “scared him.”

“Some of it I can’t comment to you because it doesn’t express the best outcome,”he said.

Investigators in the area acknowledge that they’ve used psychic help before, in particular, a case of a woman who has been missing for 20 years. They don’t turn down any help when it comes to finding missing people. However, it’s not often that psychic help turns out useful. There have been few cases in history of psychics lending a verifiable positive role in the search for missing persons or evidence in unsolved homicides.

While Scott Stouffer is undoubtedly interested in any help he can get, he should be careful in who he talks to in times like these.

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