Skeptic News: Superstition claims two lives in Sonepat

From: Hindustan Times

Two minor girls died apparently due to their parents’ superstition and ignorance at Vikas Nagar in Haryana’s Sonepat town on Wednesday night. Prithivi and Raju, both snake charmers, had admitted their daughters Sania (6) and Pooja (8), respectively, to a private hospital at Murthal Chowk,┬áSonepat, on Wednesday following vomiting and loose motions. Dr Manoj, who attended to the dysentery-hit girls, said the snake charmers forcibly took them away while they were undergoing treatment. “They claimed that the girls were under the influence of an evil spirit and decided to ‘treat’ them at home,” he said.

The two men brought the girls home and reportedly performed rituals as per their elders’ directions. However, the children breathed their last later that night.
Talking to Hindustan Times, Sonepat civil surgeon Dr Suresh Chander said, “We have sent a team of doctors to the snake charmers’ locality. As per information, the parents tried to cure the girls through exorcism.”

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