Skeptic News: Steve Scrutton versus the ASA

From: The Exit Door Leads in

Steve Scrutton is a Homeopath and Alliance of Registered Homeopaths member. He has this website, which prompted a complaint* to the Advertising Standards Authority about some of the content. As a result of this the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) wrote to him and challenged whether:

“1. the web page headed “Arthritis”, which made reference to randomised controlled trials on homeopathy, could discourage essential treatment for conditions for which medical supervision should be sought; and

2. the web page headed “Influenza” made claims that implied homeopathy was proven to be effective in the prevention of influenza.”

Now faced with a letter from the ASA asking for you to provide evidence most people would either i) pony up the mountains of evidence or ii) accept that they were wrong and amend their website to become compliant.

Steve decided that using his sophistry he would convincing the ASA that his website was simply providing editorial information to enable consumer health choices, and was therefore outside their remit. He would simply assert that he was qualified, claim Homeopathy treated pain and not arthritis (seems odd that he says that on his website then) and for an encore chuck in a few studies about influenza and arthritis.

Steves strategy ultimately failed and the ASA upheld all complaints against it but Scrutton still claims homeopathy can treat pain arthritis on his website.

See here for the full story

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