Skeptic News: Medium stabs daughters

From: Huffpo

A psychic medium and the spirit that possesses him are behind bars after he allegedly stabbed his twin 4-year-old daughters at the hospital.

Graham Bishop, a 58-year-old clairvoyant who claims he’s possessed by a 19th-century German doctor named Dr. Karl,stabbed the young girls several times at the Denmark hospital before throwing himself out a window, The Copenhagen Post reports.

It’s yet unclear why the attack occurred at the hospital, where one of his daughters was staying for a long-term illness. He and the girls survived.

The B-list celebrity medium has appeared on German TV shows , where he’s claimed to have the ability to speak to the dead — with the help of Dr. Karl. He also has a website, which gives descriptions of both himself and his ghostly companion.

He’s being held without bail for 24 days before his next court date, where he’ll face double murder charges. His lawyers say he’ll plead not guilty.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Medium stabs daughters

  1. Double attempted murder, presumably.

    He’s bats. the TV show that featured him has no such excuse.

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