Skeptic News: Chiro cure or placebo?

20120818-024616.jpgFrom: ABC news

Ted Carrick, a chiropractor who specializes in the brain claims to have developed chiropractic neurology. Which holds the key to a miraculous cure for migraines, concussions and other brain problems.

Carrick, who has 28 clinics worldwide and sees patients all over the world, practices a therapy he calls chiropractic neurology, a treatment he has been perfecting for 33 years.

He said his treatment involves re-activating pathways in the brain, what scientific circles refer to as neuro-plasticity, by simulating other parts of the body.

Carrick’s secret weapon is called the GyroStim, a machine that looks like it belongs to NASA. The patient is strapped into a chair that spins on a double axis, which Carrick said helps stimulate parts of the brain that may be damaged.

On average, a week-long therapy costs about $5,000.

Needless to say Carrick seems to have simply co-opted the term “neuroplasticity” and combined it with chiropractic with little scientific justification or evidence.

It seems highly implausible that his new breakthrough treatment is anything more than an elaborate placebo.

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