21st Floor: Appeal for Science bloggers/cartoonists/artists

The Twenty-First floor is currently looking to strengthen the science section of the site.

We have gone from strength to strength in our skeptical blogging but this appears to have come at the cost of our science blogging. Which is a shame as the site was intended to bring it’s readers the best in both skepticism and science.

As such we are looking to expand the number of contributors to the blog in two areas:

Science bloggers

If any science bloggers would like to contribute than we have a regular series of Bitesized Science posts that could do with being reinvigorated. These are small (250-500 odd) word articles on current developments in science and classic science. They are intended to give an informed lay person a short overview or insight into a scientific study, theory or similar. Generally they have tended to be about recently published studies but there is no reason they couldn’t be a short overview of a classic study or important theory.

We also accept longer articles on interesting developments in science and again on classic theories, experiments and the like (1,500 words approx).

If anyone is interested in contributing please get in touch or just submit a piece via our submissions page here.


On and off we have run cartoons about current events in science and skepticism but these have dwindled in recent months. We would like to invite people to contribute cartoons/images that inform people about science orĀ satiriseĀ and lampoon events of interest to scientists and skeptics.

This form can be used to submit a cartoon.

Please do consider contributing. We have a large audience hungry for both science and skepticism and we would like to serve them hearty courses of both.

*Note all copywrite on any piece submitted stays with the pieces author. Cross-posting is also fine.

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