Skeptic News: Two ayurveda quacks cheat 65-yr-old

From: Daily News and Analysis

Two fake ayurvedic doctors have been arrested by the Mulund police for duping Mulund resident Mahadeo Mahadik, 65, to the tune of Rs5 lakh by promising to cure him of his chronic kidney ailment and diabetes. Mahadik, owner of a power loom in Sangli, died days after realising that he was duped.

Lured at the prospect of getting well, Mahadik got in touch with Gudid the next day and expressed his willingness to meet the doctor. Gudid took Rs10,000 as consultation fees and took Mahadik to the Shivam ayurveda shop at Rabodi, Thane (West).

At the shop, a man named Ravi Shetty who claimed to be an ayurveda doctor examined Mahadik. He gave him medicines worth Rs2 lakh.

Two months later, when the medicines did not bring about an improvement in his health, Mahadik called on Shetty. He invited him over to his Thane shop and gave him medicines worth Rs2.10 lakh. Some months later, Mahadik bought more medicines worth Rs80,000. “All this while, my father did not tell anyone about his visits to the doctor,” Umesh said.

It was in July this year when Umesh confronted his depressed father did he narrate what had happened. Umesh visited the ayurveda shop in Thane only to find it closed. Neighbouring shopkeepers told him that some people would temporarily set up an ayurveda shop and flee after closing it. Umesh realised his father was cheated and lodged a complaint with the Mulund police station.

The victim went into a spiral of depression and died at  Jupiter hospital on August 10th.

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