Skeptic News: Response from Bloxx

We have┬áreceived┬áthe following response from Bloxx who run “Tru-View”:

Tru-view is a dynamic system and categorises based on the content of the page (it classifies individual pages not entire sites) at the time when the page is fetched, this allows the filter to classify content that has not been seen before. The sensitivity of the Tru-view system is configurable, some customers have higher sensitivity set than on some categories than on others, this can mean that small changes in content from for instance RSS feeds, embedded adverts or the tone used in the content can cause the classification to change, so I would expect in this case for the classification to be transient.

Your site is not currently in our database which is why it was sent to Tru-view to classify, I am happy to add the site to our URL database in the category “Weblogs & Social Interaction” this will normally prevent the site from being classified by Tru-view, it does not guarantee that your site will not be blocked however, if the customer decides that weblogs should be blocked you would then need to speak to them, we don’t control what is blocked only what categories sites are given.

This action would seem to have lifted the ban at Robert Gordons University.

We are still utterly mystified as to why certain pages individuals were trying to access were flagged as “hate and discrimination”.

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