Skeptic News: Forget Nessie, it's the Skegness Monster!

From: Daily Mail

With its mysterious dark hump floating in the water, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d just spotted the Loch Ness Monster.

And onlookers thought just that – after they were fooled into believing it was the legendary creature.

On closer inspection, experts say it is likely to be a basking shark lurking near the shoreline of the famous beach resort of Skegness.

It was captured on camera on Sunday by Rebecca Clarke, from London, who was visiting friends in the Lincolnshire resort.

The footage shows several fins bobbing up and down in the choppy water, just metres off the coast where children can be seen paddling in the shallow water.

People can be heard on the YouTube video shouting it is a basking shark.

But some observers likened the creature to the Loch Ness Monster because of a humped-back similar to the legendary Scottish beasts’.

Miss Clarke, who filmed what is believed to be a shark, thought at first glance it was rubbish floating on the surface but on further inspection realised it was alive.

This story serves to show just how easy it is to be followed by perspective when looking out across a large body of water. With little reference points size and distance can be hard to determine out at sea or indeed out on a Loch.

Tonight at Skeptics on the Fringe you can discover how probable Nessies existence is at Charles Paxtons talk At the Fringe of Reason.

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