Skeptic News: eBay to Stop Selling Magic

By Lee Christie

The long-standing auction website, eBay are removing the Metaphysical listing category from August 30th and blocking attempts to list such items. eBay will no longer permit the sale of spellscurseshexingconjuringmagicprayersblessing servicesmagic potions, and healing sessions.

The banning of these items does not appear to be directly targeted at woo, as it appears to be part of a larger shake-up which also sees the removal of advice & instruction, membership, businesses & websites, digital art, and recipes.

Presumably it is impossible for eBay to ensure the effectiveness of items such as hexing and prayers, as well as advice and recipes, and mediate dispute of fraud. Hopefully the new rules will reduce the opportunity to defraud people on eBay, and can be see as an unexpected win for skepticism and consumer protection. The change is likely to ruffle some feathers in the magical-thinking community.

Full details of all upcoming changes to eBay listing categories can be see in eBay 2012 Fall Seller Update.

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