Skeptic News: Big cat sighting in Cupar

From: The Courier (Tayside and Fife)

Cupar woman Susan Low saw what she believes to be a black puma-like animal in North East Fife on Friday night.

Mrs Low, of Sandylands Road, was walking her border collie dog in Cupar at around 11.30pm when she saw a large feline creature running across the local school playground, close to the edge of town.

It comes weeks after a ‘big cat’ was also apparently spotted a few miles away over the hill near Ceres and follows years of sightings around the country.

Mrs Low told The Courier: ”I was walking my dog near the cemetery and I happened to glance over. I saw a huge black cat leaping from the Ceres end of the playground at Castlehill Primary School and running very fast towards the town end.

”It was definitely bigger than a normal cat and looked to me like a black puma.”

Mrs Low said she had read about various sightings across Fife and beyond over the years but was ”taken aback” to see something for herself — particularly when she regularly walks her dog at night when few other people are about.

She added: ”It unnerved me a bit. A neighbour told me that some carcasses were found in the woods up towards Ceres (the Moor Road) a few years back. I wonder if anyone else has seen anything.”

Fife Police said they had not received any reports of a big cat sighting on Friday night, and Fife Council confirmed the Castlehill Primary head teacher or janitor had received no reports.

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