Skeptic News: Fraud healer arrested for rape and blackmail


ISLAMABAD, Aug 14: Shahzad Town police arrested a self-styled spiritual healer on Tuesday for raping and blackmailing women brought to him for treatment of their psychological problems.

SHO Tanveer Abbasi of the station said the complaint of the husband of a victim led to the arrest of the accused, identified by his initials SK.

A search of the clinic of the fraud healer yielded photographs and videos of other victims of his depravity, the officer said. According to the complainant, his wife suffered hallucinations and SK raped her several times, and extorted money from him by blackmailing him with the photographs and videos that he made.

The police said that the accused on the pretext of treatment asked the women to put off their clothes and took their snaps and made their videos for blackmailing.

The complainant told police that the accused raped his wife several times and also made videos of their relationship. He said last time when she refused to fulfil his sexual desire the accused did it at gunpoint. The complainant has also paid Rs10,000 to Rs15,000 to him when he started blackmailing them, the police said.

Cases where faith healers abuse the position of trust placed in them by those that seek their treatment are appalling. Many unscrupulous individuals clearly use the faith of their victims against them in order to abuse them financially and physically.

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