Skeptic News: Mockton attacks Skeptic Magazine

Readers of Skeptic magazine should exercise skepticism themselves regarding the magazine’s biased and flawed reporting on global warming, according to Christopher Monckton.

“Be skeptical, be very skeptical,” Lord Christopher Monckton, Viscount of Brenchly, advises in “Be Skeptical of Skeptic’s Skepticism of Skeptics.” While comparing the tone of a recent Skeptic magazine piece on climate change to “hate speech”. Monckton states:

“Anyone who starts out by using the hate-speech term ‘Climate Deniers’—laden with  political overtones of Holocaust denial—cannot expect to be taken seriously as an objective scientist.”

Monckton claims that the skeptic article misrepresents the fundamental issues in the global warming debate. Ironically he also states:

 “It is at once clear that the author is approaching the question from a political and not a scientific standpoint, for he is carefully failing to ask the right questions. A genuine ‘seeker after truth’ (al-Haytham’s beautiful phrase for the scientist) would surely have started by asking and attempting to answer the three pertinent questions that are at the core of the skeptical case he is attacking.”

Moncktons claims are ironic in light of several valid criticisms regarding his own distortions of science and political agenda. Monckton’s 2011 speaking tour of Australia was part-funded by the Australian Association of Mining and Exploration Companies and supported by coal mining billionaire and AGW denier Gina Rinehart. Journalist Peter Hadfield coined the term “Monckton Manoeuvre” (alternate: Monckton Maneuver) to describe Monckton’s tactic of changing his position when shown to be wrong and pretending that his position hasn’t changed.

His accusations of hate speech are particularly ironic given that at the right wing American Freedom Alliance conference “Big Footprint: Is Green the New Tyranny” in Los Angeles in June 2011, as a grand finale, Monckton displayed on the giant conference screen a large Nazi swastika next to a quote from Adolf Hitler. A few seconds later came another quote, next to another large swastika, from Australia’s climate change advisor Professor Ross Garnaut, which suggested that “on a balance of probabilities, the mainstream science is right” on human-caused climate change. Professor Garnaut’s opinion was, according to the presiding hereditary peer, a “fascist point of view”. Furthermore during the Copenhagen Climate Summit in late 2009, where Christopher Monckton was head of the right-wing CFACT delegation, his press conference was interrupted by climate change activists from Sustain US. Monckton responded by calling them “Hitler Youth” and “Nazis”.

Monckton should perhaps set his own house in order before criticising others for things he has himself done.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Mockton attacks Skeptic Magazine

  1. klem says:

    Great points but you did nothing to change my opinion. Monckton is my hero. Without his warnings regarding the true objectives of the Copenhagen Treaty, I would still be a believer in anthropogenic climate change and a believer that the UN is a place for global good. Neither of which I believe anymore.

    Someday he’ll be awarded the George Cross. Just watch.

  2. It is worth noting that Lord Moncktons claims have been systematically refuted by climate scientists and those scientists whose “data” he uses to make his points are rarely, if ever, climatologists, rarely if ever currently working in the field of climate and rarely if ever considered anything like respectable by the scientific community at large.

    It is also worth noting that Monckton is a fantastic hypocrite.

    Though I would like to apologise to him for spelling his name incorrectly in the article title (an autocorrect oversight) and also for the unflattering image used in the article (it was the first I could find available free for use).

    That asides Monckton is about as far from a hero as any person I can imagine.

    Scientifically Climate Change Denial is an utterly fringe view. Politically it isn’t.

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