Skeptic News: Alberta legislation recognizes naturopaths

20120810-002707.jpgAlberta has bWecome the third Canadian province to officially recognize naturopathy under their health professions act, establishing the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta as the new regulating body in the province.

While naturopathic doctors have been waiting many years for this legislation to come through, they weren’t sitting idly by. They’ve had their own association working to establish regulations that the doctors are required to work within, much like the legislation now requires of the college.

Under the new legislation, naturopathic doctor becomes a protected title to be governed by the college. Day hopes this will help clarify any confusion potential patients may have, especially about who is actually a licensed naturopathic doctor.

In British Columbia naturopathic doctors have limited prescription rights, which allow them to give medication to patients who may have health conditions that need to be addressed prior to their naturopath treatment.

In Alberta, the scope of practice doesn’t give any prescription rights to naturopathic doctors. For Day, these rights would be beneficial if she had a patient who required medical treatment as well as natural treatments.

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  1. Alex Wassall says:

    who is Day?

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